• Welcome to Jouzourouna

    Jouzourouna is a humanitarian organization with a social purpose
    of helping the needy without discrimination between religious,
    political or geographical affiliation

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  • إحتفالات سيّدة قاديشا - بشرّي في 30 تموز 2016

    برعاية غبطة البطريرك مار بشارة بطرس الراعي وبحضور نائبي بشرّي ستريدا جعجع وإيلي كيروز، تحتفل جمعية “جذورنا” بالذكرى العاشرة على نية إستكمال الأعمال في مستشفى سيدة قاديشا. يحتفل بالقداس الإلهي سيادة المطران “مارون العمَّار” النائب البطريركي الماروني العام على نيابة جبَّة بشَرِّي السامي الإحترام

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  • Our Goals

    Provide financial and moral aid to poor and disadvantaged families

  • Our Goals

    Contribute to paying school and university
    tuition to underprivileged students

  • Our Goals

    Urge young people in distant and isolated areas
    to continue their higher education

  • Our Goals

    Provide employment opportunities to university graduates to encourage them to stay in their villages

  • Our Goals

    Urge Lebanese and foreign companies to establish branches
    in remote areas and thereby turn the local economic cycle

  • Our Goals

    Help hospitals, medical centers and the Lebanese Red Cross in remote areas by supporting them financially and morally to provide medicines and medical equipment

  • Our Goals

    Provide assistance to people who are in need for medical care and surgeries, and are physically incapable or lack health insurance coverage

  • Our Goals

    Provide financial support to the elderly, and aid them
    with their healthcare needs to enable them to live in dignity

  • Our Goals

    Contribute to the development of pastoral and missionary work across Lebanon through the publication and distribution of religious books and magazines;

  • Our Goals

    Take part in preparing religious events, and in particular
    the Lady of Qadisha annual celebration

  • Our Goals

    Prepare and fund group weddings for underprivileged couples

  • Our Goals

    Psychological and social rehabilitation for prisoners
    to allow them to adapt and become good citizens and
    productive members of their communities after their release

  • Support Us In Our Mission!

    “Let each of you look not only to his own interests,
    but also to the interests of others.”

    Philippians 2:4

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Jouzourouna’s Activities

We Love God People Serving

The mother of Jesus said to the servants:
Do whatever he tells you.

John 2:5

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Board Members

Meet the Jouzourouna committee

Dr. Elie Elias

Enseignant à l’Université du Saint-Esprit de Kaslik et à la Lebanese American University.

Chercheur et coordinateur de projet au Phoenix Center for Lebanese Studies.

Ingénieur Najib Harb

Enseignant à l’Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth (ESIB)
Membre de Solidarité Liban Suisse SLS

Père Hani Tawk

Doctorant en sciences religieuses et en théologie politique.
Master en droit international et droits de l’homme.
Master en mediation de l’USJ.

Nehmé Taouk

Doctor of Philosophy - PhD, Harvard Business School.

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