Dedicating Soft Solutions to St. Joseph

The organization “Jouzourouna” our Roots consecrated soft solutions company and all its branches in Lebanon around the world for the intercession of St Joseph the most pure and the most chase.
The event was headed by his beatitude our father cardinal patriarch St Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir. He unveiled and blessed the statue of St Joseph who found a high and a permanent place in the church that is on the premises of the company. The patriarchal vicar his eminence Maroun Ammar celebrated the holy mass with scores of abbots and priests alongside a big gathering of the faithful’s in the presence of his eminence bishop Choucrallah Nabil Al Haj. Bishop Ammar noted the virtues of our beloved saint the foster father of the child Jesus and the protector of the holy family.
He evaluated very highly the commitments of our Jouzourouna society on their hard work they pursue on the Christian cases and the deep devotion in proclaiming the word of God through printing books about St joseph and other saints and holding masses regularly at the company church in order to permeate the holy church teachings.

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