Consecration of all branches of Soft Solutions to Saint Joseph

On the feast of Saint Joseph on March 19, 2014, Jouzorona consecrated Soft Solutions and all its branches to this saint who is the staple of purity and reference of holiness.  Our father his eminence the Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir sanctified the celebration and uncovered the curtain off the statue of Saint Joseph.  Bishop of the Maronite Catholic Eparchy of Joubbé Maroun Ammar, celebrated the holy sacrament, and was attended by Bishop Chukralla Nabil Hajj along with a congregation of priests, clerics and the faithful.

Bishop Ammar enumerated the virtues of our remarkable Saint, the one who nurtured and raised Jesus Christ, and the guardian of the holy family; and he praised the dedication of the company’s leadership to the Christian issues and deep faith in spreading the word of God through publishing the book on Saint Joseph and disseminating the teachings of the church.

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