That lady standing high on the shoulder of the Valley of Qadisha fragranced with the scent of incense and the prayers of the monks and saints, we aspire in July of every year, the month of harvest, and carry our worries and hope, our pain and joy, to gather with Jouzourana under the shadows of the Lady of Qadisha, and the blessings of the God of Life at the entrances of Bsharri.

This year’s celebration comes adorned with the presence of his prominence Bishop Maroun Ammar, the Maronite patriarchal deputy for Besharri, who will preside over the holy mass at 6 PM, along with an assembly of a number of priests and pastors, as well as invitees from all over Lebanon.  The celebration will conclude with a rural dinner with authentic Becharian flavors; with all invited to this gathering of joy. 

The Lady of the Valley is waiting for you.